I was reading a legal contract and came across this sentence about the termination of the contract:

This Agreement may be terminated by either Party on provision of seven (7) days written notice to the other Party.

Two questions: 1) "on provision of": Does this mean "on the action of providing a seven days written notice", which I think technically means the day the notice is provided but not seven days later?

2) "Seven days written notice": Does this legally mean a notice to inform that the contract shall be terminated seven days later? I ask this because "seven days written notice" in itself doesn't express the intention to terminate the contract.

  • Either party may (1) provide the other with a piece of paper which has on it (2) writing or printed text saying that the contract will expire in seven days. – Michael Harvey Jan 15 at 22:38
  • That 7 days is sometimes interpreted as 7 work days. – Wayfaring Stranger Feb 15 at 4:57

1) "On provision of" means under the circumstance of. If something happens, then something else will happen.

2) "Seven days written notice"- This means if the contract is to be terminated, it must be done with a written notice- speaking out loud someone's intent is not enough. This notice must be filed 7 days before the contract is terminated. The contract remains in effect for those 7 days, but you can make plans to exit it.

This latter only provides parameters for exiting the contract, nothing more.


The Oxford Dictionary gives the particular usage of notice

2.1 A formal declaration of one's intention to end an agreement, typically one concerning employment or tenancy, at a specified time.

with the example

his employers gave him two weeks' notice

Similarly you might get, say, one minute's notice that a train will depart, or that an interval in a concert is due to end.

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