"Many of our employees hold a master's degree."

"Many of our employees hold master's degrees."

"Many of our employees hold masters' degrees."

Which of the above is the correct expression, assuming none of the employees have more than one master's degree? (You can either have 1 or none).

For me, I feel #1 sounds the most natural, but I'm not sure it is correct.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: This isn't a duplicate as the question isn't about whether or not you need an apostrophe at all (all three of my examples given have apostrophes in them)!


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Personally, I'm ruling out the third one as it just doesn't sound right!

I think with the second constraint given (i.e they can either have one degree or none), the first one seems appealing. The second one partly gives room for us to assume that they can either have one or two degrees.

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