As a "one of a kind " artist, looking for a singular word or phrase to express doing super good work?

I am looking for a bit unique yet meaningful way to describe my photography business and the type of photographic processes. The standard analog photographic black & white printing process is the gelatin silver process, and standard digital processes include the pigment print. And color prints from digital laser exposures printed on traditional color photographic paper.

Alternative processes are often called historical, or non-silver processes. These includes types such as Albumen prints, Cyanotypes, Daguerreotypes, Gum Bichromates, Platinum and Palladium to name a few.

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  • We have help on phrase-requests. Could you edit the question to include how describing the processes is relevant to your search for "super good work"? – Andrew Leach Jan 11 at 21:48
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    It's unclear what you're asking. But I think "naming" questions are off topic. – 9fyj'j55-8ujfr5yhjky-'tt6yhkjj Jan 11 at 23:12
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    "I am looking for a bit unique yet meaningful way to describe my photography business". This isn't an English question but an unashamed attempt to get for free what a consultant might charge a lot of money for. – Weather Vane Jan 11 at 23:15
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    Exceptional, both meanings simultaneously. – KannE Jan 12 at 0:58
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    This is really a marketing question. It is not clear if you want to describe your quality of work, your range of services, or your artistry. There are a wealth of attributes and associations to draw on (historical, artistic, chemical, emotional, etc), to be combined with whatever quality you want to advertise. Even on a marketing forum, no one could design a meaningful slogan without knowing the character and setting of your business, along with a working knowledge of Victorian photochemical processing. Think of slogans you like and brainstorm similar descriptors germane to photography. – chronometric Jan 12 at 14:21

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