what is usage of could have. I am not asking from you about perfect infinitive. The structure of perfect infinitive is (to have v3). But here it is only could have not v3 form.

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  • I suppose v3 stands for Past Participle. But "perfect infinitive" is news to me. Do you mean the Present Perfect? The structure of which I think you are you speaking of "subj + could(not)/might and must/can't have + PP" is used for speculation. "He could have taken the train that explains why he is late" – Mari-Lou A Jan 10 at 15:26
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    You need to explain more what's the trouble. Your question is unclear. – Mari-Lou A Jan 10 at 15:26
  • I think OP may be asking about the elided form "could have", for example: Why didn't you ask for more time? / Well, I could have (asked for more time) now that you tell me. – Gustavson Jan 10 at 16:05

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