Which is correct using this banner announcement?:

Now offering preschool though 6th grade or Now offering preschool through 6th grades

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A range should describe a plural object (or an uncountable one). However, "offering preschool through 6th grades" is incorrect because while the thing that the range describes should be plural, the members of the range do not need to be plural (and in this context, they should not be).

A simpler example: I know all the letters (plural) from a to z.

The reason your example is a little trickier is that the sentence "now offering preschool through sixth grade" has an elision. The full sentence would be something like, "now offering classes (plural) from preschool to sixth grade" or "now offering education (uncountable) from preschool to sixth grade."

You can have ranges of plural things, for example: "Now offering schools of fish from guppies to great white sharks."


"Through" used here is mainly American usage meaning "from the beginning to the end of a period of time" (e.g. she works Monday through Thursday = from Monday to Thursday). It sounds like an advertisement by a school which is offering tuition from preschool [age] to 6th grade [age]. Preschool education takes place prior to entry into the "grade school" system at age 6 ("first grade"). Pre-school is not a grade. Only one grade (the sixth) is being mentioned and the singular 'grade' is appropriate.

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