"Those who have already applied under RTI Act 2005 or otherwise may apply afresh for the same along with required fee of Rs. 500/- before stipulated date. "

Can anyone make me understand what is the meaning of "stipulated" here?

I know that the meaning of stipulate is ' to state exactly what must be done'.

I can not understand what is the meaning of stipulated in that sentence.

Is the meaning stipulated here "specified"?

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Is the meaning of stipulated here "specified"?

Yes. But you are required to conform to that requirement.

  • which requirement?@chasly from UK
    – INDIAN
    Jan 9, 2019 at 15:17

According to Merriam Webster stipulate means

to specify as a condition or requirement (as of an agreement or offer)

This means that to stipulate can be used not only to define what must be done but also to define conditions relating to the actions. This means that the relavent authority (the one setting the conditions) can stipulate, for example, that application forms must be completed in block capitals using black ink. They can also stipulate that the form must be returned by a given date.

Your understanding of to stipulate is more restricted than its actual meaning. Does that help?


It appears the those who have applied before this Act supersedes prior rules or acts can reapply paying the new fee. They will be grandfathered in, if they do so by the stipulated date.

grandfathered TFD

To exempt (someone or something) from a new regulation that prohibits or restricts something:

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