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As a developer, I am writing a commit message to rollback an update. In my message I want to describe what I am doing which is the opposite of an update. I am looking for something like the word downgrade for upgrade.

If you wonder what is the difference between update and upgrade, check this link. What’s The Difference Between Update And Upgrade?.

The word downdate quite exist (at least on the Urban Dictionary) but it means a bad update.

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    I am assuming that there was an update applied that took the installation from version a.b to version c.d. Are you looking for a word that describes the reversion from c.d to a.b or are you applying a new update which removes some or all of the features of c.d but does not leave the installation with the exact features of a.b? In the first case you are reverting to a.b so the action is a reversion. In the second case you have a third version, e.f which is still an update from c.d but one in which the features are downgraded. – BoldBen Jan 9 at 11:20
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    I bumped an external dependence introducing an error of compatibility because of the old version of our main framework. When I commited, I bump our own version and I wrote chore: update to v1.2.3 and now I want something like chore: xxx to v1.2.1. Revert is a great answer. Can you rewrite your comment as an answer? – aloisdg Jan 9 at 12:20
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    My first thought would be to use the term "rollback". Can be used as either a noun or a verb (though for the verb one might prefer "roll back"). – Hot Licks Jan 9 at 13:14
  • @HotLicks rollback is mostly fine but a bit to generic. In context, it would fit as undo would do. I think it is a nice answer to my problem but not to my question :) – aloisdg Jan 9 at 13:20
  • "Reset" is another option, though a bit more ambiguous. – Hot Licks Jan 9 at 13:34

From your response to my original comment I see that you are looking for a word that describes the move back from the later version c.d to the earlier version a.b.

This means you are reverting to a.b so the action is a reversion.

This is different from the case where you have a third version, e.f, which is an update from c.d which removes features introduced at c.d but has cosmetic differences from a.b This would still be an update from c.d but would be a functional downgrade.

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