Would you help me understand the differences between these two sentences?

  • Protecting valuable information assets is of critical importance to my organization to be successful.
  • Protecting valuable information assets is critically important to my organization to be successful.

Between these two sentences above, I feel that there is a grammar difference. Please help me understand the differences of these two sentences and when to use these different sentences.

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    In both cases, I think the sentence should end with "for my organization to be successful". – Gustavson Jan 9 at 1:48

The existence of a grammatical difference does not always entail a difference in meaning.

Both "critically important" and "of critical importance" are subject complements, that is, complements that, being in the predicate, refer to the subject "protecting valuable information assets".

- critically important

is an adjective phrase where the adverb "critically" modifies the adjective "important".

On the other hand,

- of critical importance

is a prepositional phrase where the adjective "critical" modifies the noun "importance".

If "something of importance" is the same as "something important", I don't see any semantic difference between "something of critical importance" and "something critically important".

There might be some stylistic difference (I personally prefer "of critical importance"), but nothing more than that.

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