Flattery is described as "the act or practice of flattering." So John praises Mary. Mary feels good about John's praise, but John also feels good about the praise he gives to Mary. What is a word to describe John's feelings?

Mary is flattered by John's praise. John is ________ by his praise of Mary.

A word that goes in the right direction is "fulfilled." That is, "John is fulfilled by his praise of Mary," but I want a stronger, more "positive" word. John sincerely believes what he says in praising Mary, and is in turn flattered when a third party praises his praise of Mary.

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John is gratified by his praise of Mary.

From M-W:

2: to be a source of or give pleasure or satisfaction to
//it gratified him to have his wife wear jewels

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I’d use, not an adjective, but a noun, such as “John’s effusiveness /ebullience /adulation /encomium /praise brought him joy.

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