What is a good, high-style way to say a thing or a person is not fallable to oblivion?

I considered the following variants which I found inadequate:

  • Unforgettable - this basically means "impressing" and that the thing cannot be forgotten by a single person.

  • Of imperishable fame - this implies the thing or the person is already widely famous

But the meaning I need is that the thing or the person simply cannot fall into oblivion because it/they would be remembered by some.

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    Infallable? Is that a real word? I would say legendary or something similar. – KannE Jan 7 at 23:46
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    Only by your examples did I understand what you meant by "infallable to oblivion". There is a word "infallible, but it doesn't mean what you want it to mean. – Colin Fine Jan 8 at 0:05
  • Unforgettable does not specify that no single person can forget it because that would be impossible. A fact can remain in the public consciousness without every individual remembering it. – Kate Bunting Jan 8 at 9:24

adjective UK ​ /ɪˈmɔː.təl/ US ​ /ɪˈmɔːr.t̬əl/
​ 2. very special and famous and therefore likely to be remembered for a long time:

In the immortal words of Samuel Goldwyn, "Include me out."

-- Cambridge Dictionary

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