I am thinking about correct thesis title and I can not find right word for phrase: "making a survey". Now my thesis title begins as: "Mapping people's awareness of...". I was thinking about word research, but my thesis is not actually research, it is just some kind of survey with questionnaire for people.

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As far as theses are concerned, such surveys are often titled "a study of..." so I suggest you choose

"A Study of People's awareness..."

or, if this is the case, "A Randomized Study of People's Awareness..."


Making a survey is more succinctly expressed by the simple verb survey:


1 a : to examine as to condition, situation, or value : APPRAISE
b : to query (someone) in order to collect data for the analysis of some aspect of a group or area
2 : to determine and delineate the form, extent, and position of (such as a tract of land) by taking linear and angular measurements and by applying the principles of geometry and trigonometry
3 : to view or consider comprehensively
// he surveyed us in a lordly way
— Alan Harrington

So, in your case, just use the following:

Surveying people's awareness of . . .

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