I'm writing recommendation for one of my colleagues and one of the points I'd like to highlight is his "greed/hunger for knowledge".

Something like: X is very greedy for knowledge, taking each opportunity to improve his expertise.

Frankly speaking I doubt that using such phrase is good in official document, thus I'd like to ask you for any suggestion how such expression can be written. (disclaimer - English is not my native language)



It means someone who takes great interest in learning things. His great expertise in the field can be attributed to his inquisitiveness.

You can use agog, which is used when someone is very excited about something, esp to see something. He is all agog to take on new responsibilities.

Or you can simply use the word curious, but if you are wanting a more emphatic expression then it might fall flat.

Other words can be enquiring (adjective), alacrity (noun)..

Voracious is a great word but I feel its mostly used in the context of food.



According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary (https://www.merriam-webster.com/thesaurus/voracious) :

: excessively eager: 


// a voracious reader

According to Learner's Dictionary


VORACIOUS is often used figuratively:

She has a voracious appetite for knowledge.


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