He knew it was a very ___ operation but he was determined to carry it out. Available options are: a) Difficult b) Dangerous c) Risky d) Troublesome

It seems that all the options are valid. Could you please explain, what should be the best answer?

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He knew it was a very ___ operation but he was determined to carry it out.

The key word is determined. If something is dangerous or risky, it would be natural to say you were willing in the face of danger. It's unusual to call an operation troublesome. But it's normal to say that something is difficult, and that your determination for success with be used to overcome that difficulty. So my vote would be for (A) Difficult.

I dislike questions like this, because "best" usually means "everything else is still valid but you should read my mind as to why I think one of these is better".


Depends on the context of the person's action. If he were adding a coin to a vending machine, you wouldn't say Risky or dangerous, but you may say difficult or troublesome.

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