How to use "sire" as verb? Can you give also exempels? Thanks for the answers.

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    and what does sire mean? That should be half the battle – Dr. Shmuel Jan 3 at 12:42
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  • The OED provides no other verb meaning of "sire" than To beget or procreate; to become the sire of: said of both humans and animals - most notably racehorses. – WS2 Jan 3 at 16:21

If Sire is to refer to 'bring into being' or 'bearing children' -

The King of this place is particularly known to have sired many children, ensuring continuity of his family's rule

If Sire is to refer to 'a respectful form of address for someone of high social status, especially a king ' or to 'monitor or command rule over someone / something', then -
"We honestly did not know we had trespassed on your lands, sire"

The word sire is more commonly used to refer to a male parent of an animal, especially a horse

The Arabian Stallion is famous for having sired many race winning horses

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