We don't use the definite article with personal names, however here....why is it so?

Yeah, I know sometimes we can use "the". When it's a person everybody knows about or smth like that.

But why it's "the Grinch"....I wonder

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    How do you know that Grinch is his personal name? We say the President, the King, the High Chancellor, the Devil, the Pope, the Leviathan, the Loch Ness Monster, the Abominable Snowman. None of these are personal names. – Peter Shor Jan 2 at 14:54
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    There is a guy who goes by the name "The Donald", but I can't remember what happened to him... – jimm101 Jan 2 at 18:37

The Grinch is not his name. Although it’s not shown in The Grinch, “Grinch” is the name of whatever beast the Grinch is. Were he something else, we might call him the Sasquatch.

But other Grinches are featured in other stories. According to The Hoobub and the Grinch:

Grinches sell Hoobubs such things [e.g. a worthless piece of string] each day.

  • If Grinch is the name of the species, then why is it capitalised? It is the combination of the definite article and the capitalisation that is troubling the OP. And if Grinch is not his surname, why is he referred to as Mr. Grinch? – jsw29 Jan 4 at 16:57

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