I am looking for a single word used to describe the process in Storytelling where a story undermines the concept of a genre/trope/or previous work by doing things backwards from this. Not a parody, exactly, but the same sort of thing in a non-humorous manner.

I am 99% sure I know this word exists.

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One term you might apply is deconstruction, in the sense that it dismantles the conventional expectations of the trope or genre. This usage, as defined by TVTropes, has a more generic sense than the practice of deconstruction described by Jacques Derrida. Be wary of readers confusing the two if you're writing for an academic audience.

Another term you might mean is subversion, as in subverting an expectation. Subversion is pretty close in meaning to undermining: to quote this answer,

To subvert [a trope] is to make deliberate use of it, but with a change that undercuts or reverses the typical meaning.

For example, writing an adventure story where a princess sets out to slay a dragon (like the children's book The Paper Bag Princess) subverts the expectation that a prince would set out to rescue a princess. It isn't parody, but rather a story that takes a different path by subverting genre conventions and audience expectations.

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