What are some single-word options for the antonym for a luddite?

Its a great word with an interesting etymology, I am just wondering if there are any similarly storied words that mean the opposite?

From Dictionary.com

Luddite - noun

  1. someone who is opposed or resistant to new technologies or technological change.
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    Closed but possibly related, depending on what exactly you take to be the opposite of luddite.
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  • @k1eran a "pioneer" is not the antonym of a Luddite, most of the answers in the older question are inappropriate for the OP's request.
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    The word luddite usually carries an implied criticism of the person to whom it is applied. Is the question seeking a word that also implies criticism, or a word that implies praise? In other words, is the antonym supposed to be the opposite of luddite only in its descriptive meaning, or both in its descriptive and in its evaluative meaning?
    – jsw29
    Dec 26, 2018 at 18:31

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The antonym of 'luddite' is 'technophile'.

According to Etymologyonline:

technophile (n.)

1968, from techno- + -phile.

According to Oxford Living Dictionary:


: a person who is enthusiastic about new technology.


: derogatory a person opposed to increased industrialization or new technology.

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One antonym is the vanguard (“The forefront of an action or movement”), leading-edge or cutting-edge. Another is avant-garde, although this connotes being at the cutting edge of social change, and Luddite primarily connotes being against technological change.

Someone who embraces all the latest technology is an early adopter, and someone who adopts technology too early is on the bleeding edge. Someone who follows the latest trends in lifestyle or fashion is trendy. Someone who’s very optimistic about societal change is utopian, and someone who works to make things more modern is a modernizer.

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    Plus 1 for suggesting early adopter.
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An early adopter is about the closest you can get to a direct antonym to luddite.

someone who is one of the first people to start using a new product, especially a new piece of technology Cambridge Dictionary

Another equivalent term for this would be technology enthusiast. In addition to an affinity for technology (compared to the aversion of a luddite), these people are also often seen as influencers or trendsetters if the technology that they choose to adopt becomes more popular. They follow trends in the industry and buy products based on their specifications even if it is not advertised. They will be among the first to adopt and try a new technology, even if it is expensive and there is uncertainty if it will be successful. They'll also be the first to criticise or review it. For this reason, the opinion of these people is highly valued by the tech market as the success of their products depends on the recommendations of these people.


The first word that comes to my mind for a reckless technology adept who does not collaborate with factories (corporations) for meaningless job is cyberpunk.

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