English is not my native language.

I am writing a text where I have to explain some technical stuff and give some examples.

Giving a simple example, I would write something like:

"To make current flow through air, a huge amount of energy is required. If that happens... bla bla"

"Bob and Mary should not eat more than one piece of cake. If that happens..."

My problem here is the "if that happens" part. I don't like the expression "if that happens", which is a precise translation of how I would speak in Portuguese, my native language, but does not sound good in English.

How do I connect a second phrase explaining what happens if the first sentence is true?

"in that case"? What more sophisticated options do I have here?


You can use "if so". For instance you can say:

They must not vote for their darlings; If so, that's called discrimination.

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