Word that means both wise and bold. Bold, under normal terms, seems to be contradictory.

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Boldness and wisdom are not antonyms, by any means, but are concepts unrelated enough that they are difficult to capture in a single word.

I think dauntless is a pretty good fit, however. Although it doesn't include wisdom, exactly, it implies a mental or spiritual as well as physical fortitude.

Per oxford dictionary (https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/dauntless):

daunt·less [ˈdôntləs, ˈdäntləs]

ADJECTIVE showing fearlessness and determination.

"dauntless bravery"

synonyms: fearless · determined · resolute · indomitable · intrepid · doughty · plucky · spirited · game · mettlesome · gritty · steely · confident · undaunted · undismayed · unalarmed

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