I have a doubt ! I'll be very thankful if anyone can answer it for me

Is this sentence grammatically correct?

I feel dignified right now.

Few responses will be I feel honourable that I acknowledge. But can we feel dignified or not . I have been told that we can only use this sentence like - I am dignified. Saying that we feel dignified is incorrect.

I appreciate your time in replying to the question


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    It is correct syntax and semantics, but it's not something that would normally be said. "Dignified" is an attribute that is generally assessed by others, vs something that you can say about yourself. – Hot Licks Dec 18 '18 at 3:56

“I feel dignified right now” is correct, although the word isn’t used too often to describe oneself. It’s used more often to describe someone else, like “The prince must act dignified at the party” or “The dignified man I saw wore a suit.”

  • Thanks for your time in replying. Other than the common use, is the usage correct ? – Mayrra Reen Dec 18 '18 at 17:30

Absolutely you can say, "I feel dignified."

I imagine myself getting dressed in a tuxedo, looking in the mirror, standing up straight, grasping my lapels and saying, "I feel dignified." I'd be suggesting that my elegant, majestic, mannered appearance has imbued me with a sense of dignity matching my appearance.

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