I am frustrated about unawareness how to use up/down/with etc. with phrasal verbs properly.Being from Ukraine can't really understand if it means something or it is just a combination of words. So, my question is: **does exist the literature, which explains how to use the phrasal verbs with prep. and imagine what is means without learning by heart? **

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    Unfortunately, which preposition to use in a phrasal verb in English is rather like knowing which prepositions govern which case, or which prefix to use for the perfective in Ukrainian. – Mark Beadles Dec 17 '18 at 16:30
  • Here's a pretty Extensive List of Phrasal Verbs. Whether you need to learn to distinguish between, say, back up and back down on a case-by-case basis (as opposed to being able to "intuit" the difference based on the general senses of those two prepositions) is essentially a matter for you to decide. Quite likely some of those differences will make more sense to speakers of certain languages in particular, but I don't know where Ukrainian fits in that context. – FumbleFingers Dec 17 '18 at 17:28

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