I came across the following sentence, and I'm not sure if I should change it or it is grammatically fine as it is. Let's say BRAND is a brand of jewelry such as Pandora, Tiffany, etc..

I am looking to buy a BRAND Jewelry piece for her birthday!

Is this the proper way to use piece? In respect to it being from a collection? Or should i say: I am looking to buy a piece from BRAND's line of jewelry for her birthday?

I only say this as this is the way I would say it, and the original sentence I just feel is wrong, but I cant find any definitive proof to make my claim. If there is another way to properly state this sentence, I am also interested in how.


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I personally would say

I am looking to buy a piece of BRAND jewelry for her birthday.

By placing "piece" after "jewelry" you're using BRAND to describe a "jewelry piece", which doesn't exist.

Your second sentence is more elegant but needs to be corrected as follows:

I am looking to buy a piece of jewelry from BRAND's line for her birthday

since the 'focus' is on the "piece of jewelry", not the "BRAND's line".

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