My friend says it should be "My friend and I are playing", but I think "We are playing with my friend" is correct too. Is it?

  • This is as much a logic question as grammar: If there are three of you: two friends and yourself, then your construction "We are playing with my friend" applies - if there are only the two of you, then your friend is correct, as "we are playing with my friend" directly implicates the existence of a "we" beyond you and your friend, as it's that "we" who "are playing with my friend". I'm not sure if this really fits here. Dec 10 '18 at 18:11

Your friend is right. "We are playing with my friend" signals that at least two people are playing with your friend, so at least three people total are playing. You could say "I am playing with my friend" or "My friend and I are playing" or We are playing."

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