Sentence:Pass me the almond cookie. Why does this sentence not framed like -"Pass me an almond cookie" IS it because the person wants "the almond cookie" out of all other cookies. Because the definiteness of the cookie takes precedence over "an"

  • 1st sentence using the: The speaker tells the listener which specific cookie to pass (the almond cookie). 2nd sentence using an: The speaker tells the listener what kind of cookie to pass (an almond cookie). Search "the vs. an" for more info, for example: englishpage.com/articles/a-an-vs-the.htm. See also: ef.edu/english-resources/english-grammar/definite-article. – KannE Dec 10 '18 at 7:28
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If there were several almond cookies and you wanted any one of them, you would say "pass me an almond cookie," because it does not matter to you which specific cookie is passed. If you said "pass me the almond cookie" it implies that either there is only one cookie or that only one cookie fits the description "almond cookie." You care about having one specific cookie passed to you, and are not asking for just any cookie.

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