Avid Outdoorsman who loves to fish and exploring nature.

Avid Outdoorsman who loves to fish and explore nature.

Avid Outdoorsman who loves fishing and exploring nature.

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    Correct is "English" -- capital "E" and no "c". – Hot Licks Dec 9 '18 at 22:25
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    As to your example sentences, the second and third are OK. The first is not technically incorrect, but it's unwise to mix forms in a compound verb. – Hot Licks Dec 9 '18 at 22:27
  • Hi Marcel, you may not be aware that our other site English Language Learners is the best place to look for answers on English questions that a fluent speaker would find trivial. If you have a question for ELL, be sure to read their guidance on what you can ask. :-) – Chappo Hasn't Forgotten Monica Dec 10 '18 at 1:24

The last two are both correct; however, it is more powerful to use the infinitive form. I would use the second, though you should remove the capitalization of "outdoorsman."

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  • Don't you also need 'An' or 'The' before 'avid outdoorsman'? – drerD Dec 9 '18 at 23:30
  • Yes, unless one is writing a list. As I'm unsure of the context, I did not address that. – Drakon007 Dec 10 '18 at 0:19

Agree with Drakon007. The second would mean you would like to do the activities now or in a near future I guess. The third would rather refer to your inclination to something.

As you probably know.

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