Is there any antonym for "diminutive" when specifically used for names? For example:

Joe is a diminutive of Joseph
Joseph is a ______ of Joe
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    Since this is not a binary opposition, there is no clear "opposite". To start with, Joseph is not "a _____" of anything. It's THE original source for Joe; there aren't any others, so a is incorrect. Second, there is an opposite for morphological diminutive, like -ito in Spanish; Spanish also has an Augmentative suffix, -on, as in sillon 'couch', from silla 'chair'. But augmentative just makes something big, like a diminutive makes it small -- it doesn't trace anything back to its source. You can use the word source or the word root; they mostly mean the same here. Dec 6, 2018 at 17:51
  • Wow. All that over a/the? I would argue that Joe could also be a diminutive of Josef. In any event, there are definitely 1-1, 1-N, N-1 and N-M relationships between names and their diminutives and Joe/Joseph was only an example. Dec 6, 2018 at 18:46
  • You could say that Joseph is his full, complete, long, or actual name. But none of those are opposites in an exact sense. (The first comment here is correct if you're looking for something that specific.) Dec 6, 2018 at 20:07
  • From what I can tell, in English, you form diminutives of words by using a suffix – e.g. dog becomes doggie or doggy – and you form augmentatives by using a prefix – e.g. master becomes grandmaster. For given names however, you form diminutives by clipping the original name – e.g. Alexander becomes Alex, Barbara becomes Barb – but to form augmentatives of given names, you don't use a prefix. Instead, you prepend the original name with another word – e.g. Joseph becomes Big Joseph, or more commonly Joe becomes Big Joe. Hence, augmentative of Joseph is not Big Joe.
    – Samir
    Nov 26, 2023 at 20:43
  • This is in contrast to Slavic languages, where we do everything with suffixes. We have many ways to form both diminutives and augmentatives. Diminutive of Nikola (from Greek name Nikolaos) is Nikolica or Nikolče (common given name in Macedonia). There are in fact many diminutives of Nikola. Augmentative form of the same name is Nikoletina. Unlike in English, it's typically a single word, not two.
    – Samir
    Nov 26, 2023 at 21:12

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The word you're looking for is "augmentative." The augmentative form of Joseph would be something like 'Big Joseph.'

  • This is a good answer; it would be a better answer with a citation and link.
    – Davo
    May 12, 2020 at 23:48
  • How about a link to Wikipedia? There is a whole article on Augmentative on Wikipedia since 2004. It clearly states what Augmentative means: "It is the opposite of a diminutive." In other words, it is the antonym of diminutive. But frankly, using "antonym" just to say "opposite" is a misuse of the word. In fact, I found this post with Google, by searching for "opposite of diminutive".
    – Samir
    Nov 26, 2023 at 15:02

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