I'm categorizing dogs for a behavior project, and dogs that like toys (objects, not games) I'm so far calling "gamesters."

I can't think of a noun for " someone who doesn't like to play with toys."

Is there one? Gamester doesn't need to stay, but I do need the opposite of "likes to play with toys." Thanks.

  • "not - gamester" – Mitch Dec 5 at 22:41
  • It depends. Should this be a positive or negative way of saying it? For example, a positive way to desdribe someone who does not like to play with toys might be mature. – GEdgar Dec 5 at 22:48
  • Thanks for your comments. It needs to be a positive (even though we're describing the lack of something) because we need the participants to feel good about their dogs regardless. Because all other factors are described as nouns, the scientists are looking for a noun, but with positive, "light" personality attribution. – Marjie Dec 6 at 1:43
  • The Greek for 'toy' is παιχνίδι so a toy-hater might be a paixnidophobe. I have not one single clue how to pronounce this. – Nigel J Dec 6 at 8:56
  • Dogs that don't like toys are typically that way because they were never given positive feedback when using the toy (untrained), or the dog had already played with the toy many times before (bored). – jxh Dec 6 at 18:54

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