A said that X and Y are essential to Q.

If I want to refer to X and Y as Z only from now on, how do I use henceforth? Is this grammatically and structurally correct?

A said that X and Y (henceforth I will refer to X and Y as Z) are essential on Q.


Doctor Snoop said that food and water (henceforth I will refer to food and water as nutrition) are essential to survival.

Is there a shorter/better way of using henceforth in this context?

  • Those examples work, but you seem to be looking for a way to use henceforth. Can you not find some real cases? Dec 11, 2018 at 1:07

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If you turn it around, you don't need to worry about henceforth or the additional wording:

Doctor Snoop said that nutrition (food and water) is essential to survival.

It also avoids the awkwardness of initially using words you don't want to use going forward.

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