I think s.d. is some reference to a date. I know that n.d. means "no date".

Here are the complete citations I encountered:

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. "Asian Carp in Tennessee Information and Images." (s.d.): tn.gov/twra/wildlife/fish/asian-carp.html. United States Geological Survey.

"Are Asian Carp Dangerous?" U.S. Department of Interior (s.d.) usgs.gov/faqs/….

These citations are in a report by the Howard Baker Center. My staff attorney says it may be Latin for sine die which means "without a date".

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    The Latin for ‘without’ is sine – does that help? Nov 26 '18 at 20:47

According to the free dictionary, s.d. can be defined as:

s.d. or sine die - without a day fixed [literally: without a day]

In the context of literature citation s.d. and n.d. have the same meaning.

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