I want to check my understanding (or lack of it) about hyphenation. I find hyphens very confusing. I have a phrase "Proudly Sydney Based" for a headline. My understanding is that as written above there is no hyphen, but if I wrote a "Sydney-based company" I would need to use a hyphen. Can you please advise whether this is correct?

  • Adverbs ending in ly are not normally hyphenated with the word that follows them. Plus, in this case, if you were to hyphenate anything, it would be the last two words. But there is no room for confusion here, so, on multiple levels, a hyphen is not needed. (On the other hand, somebody who wrote it as Proudly Sydney-Based would not be wrong.) Nov 22, 2018 at 3:20
  • Could you take basic queries about the use of hyphens to somewhere like English Language Learners? Nov 22, 2018 at 21:30

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First, hyphens must never be used interchangeably with dashes (see the Dashes section link given below), which are noticeably longer. Second, there should not be spaces around hyphens.

Incorrect: 300—325 people Incorrect: 300 - 325 people Correct: 300-325 people

and in your case :

Proudly Sydney-Based is correct and no more anxiety about it,must used as headline.


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