What is the name of those things where you put your face in a hole and someone takes a picture so it looks like you're something else? E.g. a cardboard/wooden stand with a picture of a pirate and a mermaid with the faces cut out, and you and your friend put your faces through the hole so in the photo you look like a pirate and a mermaid?


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I don't think that there is a definitive name for it, but here are some of the names it's called. Personally I like "peep board" and it works just fine. Try searching on the internet and see the results.

  • peep board
  • peep-hole board
  • seaside peep-through board
  • your-face here cutout
  • carboard cutout
  • comic foreground
  • seaside photo board
  • happy fun time face board


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They're called stand-in / cut out photo stands

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