Which one sounds better regarding the proper use of "respectively"?

a) The x and y are connected to g and h in the designed network respectively.

b) The x and y are connected to g and h respectively in the designed network.

c) The x and y are connected respectively to g and h in the designed network.

  • Why refer to "the " x but just g? I'd go with b) but drop the "the"
    – Jim
    Nov 11, 2018 at 3:42

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There is no difference, really. The standard usage is to put the "respectively" at the end of sentence because that's typically where the comparison ends, but you do need a comma as it is an adverbial modifier if you decide to leave it at said end; moreover, being an adverb and having its meaning work in any order, you can leave it wherever you like. I must mention, however, that it is more logical to put respectively after you mention "g and h", not in between. This is more of a stylistic issue at this point.

From doing a "define respectively" or just typing it in Google, one will find this example under Google's given definition: "they received sentences of one year and eight months, respectively".

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