"No problem, I could spare five minutes to drop down and face you. Send the location(...)"

This was the reply of a female wrestler who was confronted by another wrestler about who was the best one at what they do.I do grasp what she means when she says "(...) I could spare five minutes(...)". By that she wants to say that she is willing to take five minutes of hers to do something - in this case, to face the other wrestler-. But when she says "(...)to drop down and face you(...)", it gets a little confusing to me. it sounds as if she had to "get worse" so as to be at the same level of the other wrestler.

According by TheFreeDictionary: Drop down: to fall down; to fall from a higher point; to fall or descend to a lower place or level.

If it has another conotation, I´d be glad to be informed. Thanks.

  • I think you have it exactly; it's intended as a put-down. The implication is that "I will not have to put forth my best effort, and will still take only 5 minutes to defeat you" (before getting on with better, more important things). – Hellion Nov 9 '18 at 1:23
  • Potentially a Play Upon Nuance (pun) It will only take me 5 minutes to drop (pin) you down to the floor and win (in a face off). – K J Nov 9 '18 at 1:58

Drop is a very common part of wrestling terminology here it's used as a paronomasia (play upon names or trocadilho) many wrestling takedown terms also reference hitting the face especially when going face to face or charging at the fallen opponent, facebreaker, facelock and facewash. Matches are generally given a 10- to 30-minute time. 5 minutes suggests an opponent is an easy push over.

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