Our next meeting will take place at 9am in room 200 on Monday, November 12th.

What is the proper order of the above? Our next meeting will take place at [venue], [time], [day], [date] or [venue], [day], [date], [time] or [time], [day], [date], [venue]

I have consulted two English Grammar books by Betty Azar. While they pretty much tell you how to ask questions using when, where, which day and what time but they are silent about the order of all of them in one sentence. Could you help?

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  • There is no proper order. You can express the same thing in any order you wish. This works equally well: "Our next meeting will take place on Monday, November 12th in room 200 at 9am." – Jason Bassford Nov 8 '18 at 20:35

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