After a near miss from getting hit by a ball saying which of the following is grammatically accurate "What would have you done if it hit my eye?" Or "What would you have done if it hit my eye?"

  • After the interrogative the verb is inverted. "What would you have done if it hit my eye?" is correct.
    – Hugh
    Nov 5, 2018 at 12:55

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Neither is grammatically accurate in the situation you describe. Something was done (a ball was struck or an object thrown?), which nearly hit the speaker in the eye. The near victim remonstrates in the form of an unfulfilled (remote) conditional.

Conditionals follow clear rules of sequence. Let’s re-organise to the more familiar protasis / apodosis. The situation is that something that might have happened in the past didn’t. So a past subjunctive is needed - which in English takes the same form as the pluperfect.

If it had hit my eye, what would you have done.

So it should be

What would you have done if it had hit my eye?

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