I am not sure that "They have unique index" or "They have unique indexes". It looks like "indexes" for consistency with "they", but "unique" implies it is singular. I need help on this. Thanks.

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    Are "they" grouped together under a single index or do each of "them" have their own index?
    – Jim
    Oct 31, 2018 at 1:14

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Can you share the context? The verb "have" does not need to match. e.g. I have many children. My children have a trampoline.

So "They have unique indices" or "They have a unique index" would both be fine. "They have unique index" does not work - it needs the indefinite article.

This could change a little depending on the exact context of what you're trying to say.

Edit: To be clearer, you might say "They each have a unique index."


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