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The word series seems to generally refer to a group which I would think makes it a singular reference, however the ies ending is also a common way to modify a singular noun into a plural noun (eg., puppies, fancies, harpies).

So is series plural or singular, and if plural, what is the singular version?

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Series is singular and doesn’t change in the plural. Its spelling originates from Latin:

1610s, "a number or set of things of one kind arranged in a line," from Latin series "row, chain, series, sequence, succession".


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    Series is plural and doesn't change in the singular. – Sparhawk Oct 20 '18 at 8:39

"Series" can be singular or plural depending on context.

I like to watch TV series.

Uses series as a plural and means you like to watch a number of different TV shows.

I like to watch a TV series.

Uses series as singular and means you like to watch one TV show.

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