In the context of poker a player places/posts bets. Two particular types of bets are the blinds.

I've seen "place a bet" and "post the small/big blind" but are the verbs interchangeable?

I understand that "to post" can mean "to announce or publish" something and I believe "to place a bet" is the more common expression, but can you "post a bet" or "place the small/big blind"?

  • I don't have expert knowledge on this, but in my circles, generally one would say place a bet, not post. Post your blind(s) is a common phrase because it's a natural extension of English to describe how blinds are placed. But apart from blinds, one would not describe a bet as being posted. (Rather, 'Placed,' 'called,' 'raised,' etc...) ... Interesting question. – RaceYouAnytime Oct 16 '18 at 9:57
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    In poker, one places a bet. Post is not a poker term; it has to do with the necessities of online communication, and not with the game. – John Lawler Oct 16 '18 at 14:05
  • To clarify, the reason why I felt post is a possibly valid verb to use with bet is because it's used with blind, whether post is used as a poker term specifically or a more general gambling term. I understand it might not be appropriate to say post a bet but I'm looking for an explanation of why the two different verbs are applied to the two different types of bets. – JCP Oct 16 '18 at 14:35

After doing some more research I reached the conclusion that the verb post is mostly used with forced bets, like blinds or the ante.

I wasn't able to find a clear origin of the word, but I believe Ante-post betting is worth mentioning as a possible etymology:

In horse racing and greyhound racing, an ante-post bet is a bet placed before the horse/greyhound racing course's betting market has opened [...]
The ante in ante-post is derived from the Latin ante (meaning "before"), but the post is not the Latin post (meaning "after"). Instead, it is derived from the nineteenth century Betting Post, a stake that was traditionally fixed somewhere on the course ground like a sign-post to signal the beginning of fixed betting to bettors.

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  • You can also post a poker stake, which has an entirely different meaning. – K Dog Nov 15 '18 at 20:07

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