How would one say that he did the same thing (e.g. making the same dish) but in different ways in a single word?

a more elaborated example would be, I used different technologies to achieve the same goal/result.


i'll add another example because I feel like you misunderstood me. someone built a program (computer software) and implemented it in all sorts of different frameworks, he called the website that show this process "custom-elements-everywhere".

I built the same program using different frameworks (as a wrapper to ease the process of creating it) and implemented it in a single framework, therefor my website name should be "custom-element-".

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  • I really don't understand your second example. My understanding of a framework (dot Net for instance) is that it allows you to use any one of a number of languages to achieve the same result and that the output (object code?) is the same whichever language you used. I can just about get my head around the idea that someone might use different languages within the same framework to implement the same process model but I don't understand the bit about "different frameworks being implemented in a single framework". Can you explain?
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    Apr 17, 2019 at 0:07

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Maybe "alternative" recipe/method/procedure?

However be aware of wording it in a way that doesn't sound like euphemism the way "alternative facts" does.


You could say that the person consistently employed creative methods to achieve the goal.

In this sense, creative is used to refer to the fact that the person was being imaginative in their choice of methods to employ.


Use the words methodologies or techniques to accomplish the same end result.




Professor Wong was able to synthesize ultrasucrose in an atmosphere of evaporated lithium. His feat was soon replicated using copper, hydrogen, and a mild infusion of wild rosemary, the latter being found by students in Athens who started from a matrix of honey, as opposed to the usual thin film of invert sugar on a glass substrate.

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