On Linux Mint 19, I have a Makefile with a command which should output a sentence:

Target 'distrib' has to be run as normal user!

in case the user has run it as / with the root user.

Since I am not a native English speaker, I now hesitate if it would be better phrase it like this:

Target 'distrib' has to be run with normal user!

Clarification will be much appreciated!

I will only add, that I am here for the first time, so please, if I have written anything not under your guidelines, feel free to comment or edit my question directly.


At least on Windows it is common to use Run as.


I am interested in US English wording if that matters.


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Grammatically, with normal user doesn't work; with normal user privileges does.

But if the people reading this error message have extensive experience with computers, they should understand as; that preposition is used in this context frequently (and not just on Windows). If they don't, I suspect that even with normal user privileges is too short for them to figure out what is going on.

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