I recently had a brief Skype chat conversation with someone. Skype tends to automatically suggest a few phrases to use as responses to questions or messages you receive.

So the conversation was like this:

  • A: "Can we postpone the meeting by 15 minutes?"
  • B: "Hi, yes no worries!"
  • A: "Great, thx"

Then Skype suggested three phrases I could use to respond:

  1. "No problem!"
  2. "My pleasure!"
  3. "Gates open!"

Now, (1) makes perfect sense. I guess (2) is also quite OK. But what in the world is (3)?

I'm not a native English speaker and asked some friends but they have no idea, and Google is no help.

Is it a phrase at all in English? The current best hypothesis is that it is a normal expression in this context in a different language which has just been automatically translated to English and suggested. Would anyone be able to verify this?

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This looks to be an easter egg of sorts in Skype. In any case, as a native speaker I'll tell you it doesn't make sense as a response here. I found this relevant conversation on Twitter:

George Eastmead @GEastmead Sep 19:

Why does Skype eternally suggest 'Gates open!' as a suggested response to almost anything?!

Skype @Skype
Because "Gates Closed!" sounds so much less inviting! http://msft.social/D7d1tu

That last link leads to this gif, making it clear it's a reference to Wimbledon.

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