What's a word that describes that face you make when you're worried or appealing to someone, where the insides of your eyebrows curve up towards your hairline? The sort of face that Puss makes in the Shrek films when he's begging for something.

Is there a one-word way of communicating that on the page? A "she Xed at him" sort of thing, like frown or scowl. (Of course, frown and scowl mean the eyebrows go down in the middle. What's the opposite movement called?)

  • 'She furrowed her brow' - can someone make an answer out of this? (With links and explanation and stuff)
    – Mitch
    Oct 6, 2018 at 12:56
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    You mean like Christine Blasey Ford peering over the top of her glasses at the recent Senate hearing? I've heard / seen a number of people refer to that as cutesying it [up] - "verbifying" adjectival cutesy (an unmistakably pejorative variant of cute). Oct 6, 2018 at 12:57

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It’s not a verb, but I think “making puppy eyes” or “doing puppy eyes” would describe the facial expression you’re referring to.


You are asking for a verb to concisely relate a complex set of facial/eye/brow expressions. I don't think there is one. In fact, I submit, if you asked someone to draw a "scowl", you would get a whole array of pictures (eyes, brows, mouths, and teeth etc.) - all different. However, there are verbs that vividly imply the "look" on ones face - at least to those with active visual imaginations.

The "facial" expressions used by Puss in the Disney Shrek film are expressions of solicitation. The brow's upward inflection is suggestive of having a "begging" posture (being of lowly/poor estate) or of "humbly asking" (request from a lower rank). The facial expression also conveys sincere need (it's all in the eyes) in an attempt to "solicit" pity or a merciful response.

Several descriptive verbs that suggest similar composites of facial features are:

to beg, or to beseech, to supplicate, or to plead, to entreat, or to implore.

One example: The entire look on her face implored him to give in.

Begging TFD

Supplicating TFD link

Pleading TFD link

Beseech TFD link

Entreat TFD link

Implore TFD link

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    Yup. they are verbs, and they really do conjure up facial images, but, no , the images are not only limited to the face.
    – user22542
    Oct 6, 2018 at 16:37

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