' I went to place that I wanted to go to'

I've just read the sentence above from some test papers, and it looked really awkward.

I've already heard "I went to the place where I wanted to go" sounds more natural.

by the way, it was a test, and it was the case like I must use a relative pronoun 'that', Could I say "I went to the place that I want to go" instead of saying " I went to the place that I want to go to" just without 'to'?

If it's possible to say like that(saying without to), please let me know how grammatically it works

  • The main reason that the first sentence is awkward is that it is missing an article the before place. For the rest, it is fine. Changing wanted to want makes the sentence really strange - you went there, and you still want to go there? And no, you shouldn't leave out the to; you could form a sentence without a preposition like I went where I wanted, but that is quite a different sentence altogether. – oerkelens Oct 6 '18 at 9:36

Sounds better to say "I went to that place, I really wanted to go."

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    to* you should add 'to' as it sounds more grammatical – Alison Oct 6 '18 at 7:38

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