What is the correct pronunciation of the word "missiles" because some sites say "mis-uh l" while some others say "mis-i oh"

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  • The pronunciation depends very much on the county where you were raised. Did those speakers intend an allusion to a missal? – Weather Vane Oct 5 '18 at 20:14
  • Hopefully, the correct way to speak about a missile is miss-all. – Weather Vane Oct 5 '18 at 20:21

Welcome! m-w.com writes the following. Most common is "miss-uhls", accepted though less common is the British "miss-Ils" (pronounced like the words "miss" and "aisles").

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    Brits think that "missul" inhabits the same space that "nukular" does. – Michael Harvey Oct 5 '18 at 22:00

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