Does the following collocation exist in English?

a comment is in place

If not, do you recognize it as an improper loan from another language? It is used by a writer to communicate that, before continuing with the normal flow of the text, they feel the need to make a comment on some related topic.

A Google search with this expression returns only 152 results, mostly from academic literature. It seems to be used by a literate population. However, the few number of results in the search and the inferred writers' nationalities make me think this is not an expression a native speaker would use.

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I gather that you're trying to say that it is appropriate to make a comment, not that the comment has been put somewhere (such as in the source code of a computer program).

In that context, it's more common to say that something is in order.

in order phrase 3.1 Appropriate in the circumstances. ‘Maybe some professional expert opinions are in order here.’ - ODO

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    "a comment is in order" is much more common: 5110 results on Google.
    – toliveira
    Sep 28, 2018 at 15:23

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