I have a lot of uncertainties regarding how to address hardware modes, when it comes to computers, cell phones, circuit boards, etc.

Google provides all kinds of contradicting thoughts and answers either.

I would like to break down my question into the four following statements:

  • The device is in airplane/standby/silent/sleep mode or on airplane/standby/silent/sleep mode.

        My observations say that in is used more frequently.

  • The device is in sleep/standby or on sleep/standby.

        As far as I can see, it is most often in sleep, but on standby. Why is it so?

  • Capitalization of modes’ names.

        It seems that some people/companies treat modes’ names as proper nouns and capitalize         modes’ names. Others even capitalize the word mode itself.

        Put the circuit board in Sleep Mode / Sleep mode / sleep mode.

  • The in front of airplane/standby/silent/sleep mode.

        Most of the time, there is no article and I am ready to accept it. But, this aspect should be         looked into to make the question exhaustive.

Thank you in advance!

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