I am here to get a single word any that can describe the effect or impact of past events . . . for instance, if someone's wife was brutally killed and murdered, and his husband miss him a lot, he always thinks about the past events spent with her wife and weeps a lot for a long time over her murder. Then finally the husband of that woman get an effect on his mental as well as physical health due to the past events.

Meanwhile, a teacher of mine suggested me one hyphenated term that is after-effect, it means:

an effect that follows after the primary action of something.

I think the term after-effect only suggest the primary actions of something, but doesn't clearly define about the past events. Is there any specific, single word that denotes the meaning which I want here?

Example with blank:

the _____ of her murder led her husband to the severe mental disorder.


You can try afterburn:

In the field of Psychology, afterburn denotes a effect of past events, which influences the mental state and daily schedule of activities of an individual.

Also, the Merriam Webster defines afterburn as follows:

2 : a period of lingering anger, fear, bitterness, etc., that follows a painful or traumatic event.

Eric Berne, the father of transactional analysis, coined this word.

You can say like this:

  • The afterburn of her murder led her husband to the severe mental disorder.
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