Is there a collective term to describe bees, wasps, hornets, and the like?

I'm looking for a term that refers to insects that look like bees, wasps and hornets that could also sting. I'm trying to translate a Japanese word (that can mean all these without being specific) into English. Below are two of the many sites that I checked, which did not give me what I was looking for.



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The simple umbrella term in which bees, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, etc. belong to is

Stinging insects. The more scientific term is Hymenoptera

Stinging insects have long been known to cause allergic reactions in humans. The earliest recorded death from an allergic reaction caused by a stinging insect was that of Pharaoh Menes of Egypt who died in 2641 B.C. after being stung by either a hornet or a wasp.

  • Bees, wasps, and ants are stinging insects belonging to the order Hymenoptera, which is Latin for "membrane-winged." The 3 families of greatest medical significance within this order are Apidae (honeybees and bumblebees), Vespidae (yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps), and Formicidae (fire ants).
  • Hymenoptera stings cause a wide spectrum of illness ranging from benign nuisance to life-threatening toxicity and anaphylaxis.

Hymenoptera Envenomation

enter image description here

The scientific journal, Scientific American, uses the expression “stinging insects” several instances in their article entitled Ouch! An Interview with Entomology's King of Sting

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