Which is the correct form:

"[are you] Done with the task?" or "[are you] Done with task?"

It feels to me that the first form is the correct one, as it implies the specific task that was assigned earlier on.

  • Yes, your impression is correct! – Hachi Aug 20 '18 at 16:17
  • Your question is more appropriate for English Language Learners. Our associates there will surely provide you with a satisfactory answer. – VTH Aug 20 '18 at 17:06

Done with the task. I can be done with painting or done with the painting. The first one refers to the general task or occupation of painting. The second refers to a specific painting. Our house renovation is going well. I'm done with painting (the rooms). I'm sick of all the criticism my art is getting. I'm done with painting (as a hobby/profession). But in these, painting is a noun form of the verb, to paint. You can say I'm done with tasking. I'm done with tasks. I'm done with the/a/one task.

You can use a singular noun as the complement of a preposition, but it would be very contrived. Every tournament let's you choose to complete with sword, lance, or mace. After 10 years, I'm done with sword, and I'm moving onto lance.

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