Article 15 of the Korean Constitution states that “all citizens shall enjoy the freedom of choice of occupation.” Compared to Article 12 of the Basic Law, which comprises of three clauses, Article 15 of the Korean Constitution consists of only one sentence and does not specify exercise of occupation.

When I write a research paper, I frequently quote or refer to articles or provisions (of laws).

I feel I use same expressions repetitively and feel sometimes my expression sound weird.

For example, in the sentence above, which would be proper expression between "specify" and "stipulate"?


"Stipulation" is a legal term. It means to agree to something, either to a term of a contract or to an undisputed fact. "Stipulation" requires opposing parties.

If you are quoting a law, just "state" or "specify" is better, since "stipulation" is a legal term of art.

Writing about law is frequently repetitive. The repetition is for clarity.

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